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Mahindra Automotive Commercial Service Velappanchavadi

No: 4A, Numbal Road, Velappanchavadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600077


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Working Hours

Working Hours

09:00 AM – 08:00 PM


The Automotive Mahindra Service Center in Velappanchavadi epitomizes our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of Mahindra vehicle owners. We are renowned for specialized services catering to Commercial Mahindra vehicles.

Each customer visiting our authorized Mahindra Service Center receives an exceptional service all through the showroom visits or scheduled appointments. Our main goal is to provide flawless repair services at reasonable prices.

Skilled specialists keep an eye on maintaining the best possible condition for your Commercial Mahindra vehicle. Under the Periodic Maintenance Service, this is achieved through regular inspections and major repairs (PMS).

Moreover, our Body Shop Work provides expert care for bodywork issues. We also ensure your Mahindra vehicle receives the necessary attention it deserves.

Best Service Experience

We offer complimentary pickup and drop-off services for scheduled maintenance emphasizing customer convenience. This in turn simplifies the process and caters to productive timing for Mahindra vehicle owners.

Conveniently located and operational round-the-clock, our service center is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our expert team is proficient in maintenance, repair, painting, and body shop services.

Addressing unexpected breakdowns promptly, we offer Running Repair. Avail a Free Service on Repair Order to ensure a seamless return to the road.

Our Roadside Assistance service offers support in the event of an emergency on the road. It is enhanced by alluring savings on labor, parts, and accessories, providing our clients with outstanding value.

Expert Staff & Reputation

Our trained and knowledgeable staff members promptly attend to any service-related concerns. This includes convenient contact options such as phone and in-person visits to our service center.

As an authorized dealer, we take pride in our highly skilled professionals and offer essential add-ons such as extended warranty and insurance. We also provide genuine replacement parts and accessories, ensuring peak performance for your Commercial Mahindra vehicle.

We have been consistent in earning the distinction of being the Best Mahindra Vehicle Service Center in Velappanchavadi. Hence, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart.

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